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akia collection exists as a creative, fun and beautiful way to infuse Greece into your life. My hope is that the art, designs, and stories presented here will inspire you to include Greece in your home and to find joy in learning and practicing her traditions. 

​ Why have coffee when you can have a καφεδάκι?

let's work together!

Custom projects and collaborations are always a possibility.

Please reach out if you'd like to create something special together!


[ xoxo ]



why akia?

"akia" (AH-kya) comes from a Greek noun-ending that simply translates as "little," yet almost always expresses affection, endearment, and designates something very special. 

Born from this sentiment, akia collection reflects the attributes of Hellenism that speak most vibrantly and feel the most special. Finding joy in in unexpected, quiet moments, acknowledging the beautiful beaches and whitewashed buildings, but also looking beyond them for the soul of Greece. "akia" can be trying a new food, learning a new word, hearing and understanding a song lyric for the first time, lighting a candle in a special church, having lunch in a small village, or noticing a detail on an ancient vase.


With playful art and design, akia is an invitation to consciously connect to Greece and to fully seek out and experience these moments of affection and endearment with the traditional, historical, and contemporary beauty of Greece, regardless of where we are in the world.


akia is an invitation to fall in love with Greece.

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