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events + collaborations

I'm very excited to share the following events and collaborations as I continue to imagine ways to include Greece in our lives. Hope to see you!

past events

voltitsa social post b+w-02_edited.jpg

yia mas x the akia shop

"Voltitsa" translates to "little walk," but its essence is so much more. It can be a meandering stroll or a walk with a purpose. It can have a destination or none in particular. A "voltitsa" is an outing separate from our regular daily activities. It is intentional, but implies fun and spontaneity, includes company, and helps us explore,  connect, and be inspired by the world around us. 

I'm very excited to partner with Kristina from Yia Mas for our inaugural Voltitsa: Find Your Muse, where we will explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art Greek and Roman Galleries together followed by a relaxing and reflective lunch. We hope you'll join us!

The intention of this first Voltitsa is to encourage mindful viewing of art, new perspectives, community, and ultimately to help you find your own “muse” or inspiration to carry forward.  We’re also excited to share and find a bit of Greece in NYC and discuss how it has influenced the very halls we’ll walk through.

voltitsa: find your muse

saturday, march 5 at 12 noon

the metropolitan museum of art: greek + roman galleries followed by lunch at serafina

register here!


ume ume music + arts x the akia shop

Exploring Greece with kids through music, art, and interactive experiences

We are excited to announce our first event:

A Greek Independence Day Celebration

Our participants will encounter Greece and the joy and significance of her independence through our interactive approach that focuses on music, art, and exploration. 

sunday, march 27 from 1 - 4 pm

ume ume music + arts

319 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Reservations required for each one hour experience

(event times: 1-2 pm, 2-3 pm, 3-4 pm)

email to register!

registration includes keepsake art projects within a fun family-based experience
entry in a raffle to win a ume ume music + arts drop-in class or a custom evzonaki + amalia family painting from the akia shop

pop up at eastport general store

april 30 + june 18

Come experience the akia shop in person at this beautifully curated space on Long Island!

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