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about the artist
maria madonna constantinides

Driven by a deep love and appreciation of ancient and modern Greece and an irresistible urge to share her experiences, Maria’s playful and design-driven aesthetic invites you to experience Greece through her passionate eyes and join her on a journey of discovery.



Compositionally inspired by the elegance, poise, and spatial structure of classical art, while simultaneously prioritizing fun and color exploration, Maria’s bright, inviting paintings and careful drawings place her subjects in the spotlight – ancient Greek art objects, tiny details from vase paintings or buildings, specific Greek traditions and even endearing contemporary eccentricities  – aspects that might be overlooked in a museum or taken for granted in personal experience.


With a background in art history, museum studies, years of working for a summer travel program in Greece, and the fond memory of a Greek “yiayia” (grandmother) who handed down the responsibility of tradition, Maria believes art is an essential part of the human experience and the best bridge into any culture. She creates intentionally joyful, approachable, and engaging art to reflect the beauty she sees in the world and gently invite her audience to discover Greece, appreciate an entire world of art and culture and, most importantly, experience connection.

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