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Athens, early October [...and I am in love, part 1]

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

dining at thespis, athens, greece. october 2023.

Athens, early October (!) I am so happy to steal this extra time I missed Kalo Mina. It always feels like time stands still in Greece, but it still moves forward, apparently, when I’m not here to see it. This time, here I am.

The skies have clouds now - texture and movement. Sunglasses are an accessory rather than a necessity. I’m speed walking but not sweaty, my legs aren’t sticking to the woven seat of the taverna chair. The colors of the city are more vibrant, ultra-saturated under what feels like eternal golden hour as the sun kisses the buildings with soft affection. The beautiful and ugly graffiti stand proudly side by side in front of eyes that aren’t squinting, complimenting each other and the ancient canvases that support them.

I visit a few favorite places, eat a favorite meal, surprise a few people with my out-of-season presence, and become comfortable with the knowledge that a few hours is not enough to do it all. I allow myself to become part of the city, the real city, the forever city that exists when I’m not here. This time, here I am.

And I am in love.

[ part 1. ]

maria madonna constantinides

Dress: Zara

Featured Restaurants:

Graffiti Artists:

Turquoise Birds: Olga Aikaterini Tsouris (instagram

Yellow Acropolis: Unknown

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