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Celebrate spring with a martaki intimately tied to Greece - as you wear this tiny splash of gold and tradition, know that you are wearing a piece of the Greek island where it was created. A minimal and fun connection to your happy place. 


This tiny but sturdy kiln-fired terracotta bead has been finished with luxurious 24K gold. It is paired with an extra thin red and white cotton string. "Terracotta" is Italian for "baked earth" and refers to the ancient method of creating pottery for which the Greeks are so well-known.


Tie on your march bracelet on March 1st. When it falls off or you take it off, don't forget to make a wish! ✨


More about the layered tradition of the "martaki" at our blog


terracotta bead finished with copper and 24K gold, made in Greece

extra skinny cotton string

martaki: tiniest piece of greece 24K gold

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