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This summer, during a casual lunch by the sea, I noticed black spots in the blue water beneath us - sea urchins! It became my mission to experience sea urchins - start to finish. I became fascinated. When we finally went, early one morning, bucket in hand for sea urchins and pockets full of snails, my heart was bursting. It was invigorating, waist deep in cold morning water, tenderly grabbing these spiny creatures, gaining confidence, watching them move around on our hands... sea urchins to me will always be a symbol that there is ALWAYS more to discover and love about Greece. 


Ornaments are hand-painted and sealed for lasting protection.


Each ornament comes with a ribbon and is presented in a gift box with a handwritten note and signature.

sea urchin ornament

$75.00 Regular Price
$63.75Sale Price
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